History is crucial to understanding everything from the swings back and forth of the political pendulum to the current status of relationships between Major Races. This timeline is a summation of the most widely agreed upon versions of events that would come to shape modern day Alimaea, and as history unfolds, it will be updated to follow our adventurers. Much of what is said about how and why Alimaea came into being is hotly debated amongst scholars throughout the land. Early history is quite dependent on speculation and an over-reliance on faith from those who have passed down the myths and legends concerning it. As a result, the first 150 cycles are not well-documented. C 151 will become the first cycle to use official documentation to keep track of world events.

Measurements of Time

  • Cycle - approx. 400 days, a sign that the 4 seasons have passed (100 days in a season)
  • Era - 1000 cycles
  • Age - An age ends whenever there's a major shift in power or worldwide geographical features, and can be any number of cycles long


The use of bold indicates the current period of time in which the main campaign is taking place

First Age - The Age of Prosperity

Approx. 637 Cycles

  • C 1 - Alimaea as it is recognized today comes into being, as do many of the Major Races. Elves are placed to the East in what would become Devertreath. Dwarves are placed in and around The Colorless Highlands in what would become the northwest corner of Mistlyn. Dragons are scattered and form pods throughout the lands. Humans are placed separately from all other Races to the south on the island that would become Ashlowe.
  • C 16 - The first Human city of Elderfront is founded on Ashlowe.
  • C 20 - The first Elvish city of Irranluma is founded in Mistlyn.
  • C 22 - The first Dwarven city of Baghulur is founded within The Colorless Highlands.
  • C 151 - The Elves and the Dwarves meet and begin to establish trade routes.
  • C 268 - The first monsters are discovered in southwestern Alimaea by the Elvish explorer Genjeon. The addition of Orcs to the Major Races prompts the current members to create a council to allow peaceful communication between the Races.
  • C 342 - Human explorers Iam Liam and Vosel Ston set off to discover what lies beyond the shores of Ashlowe.
  • C 385 - Iam Liam dies of 3 types of pneumonia in the jungles of Wolfshore.
  • C 410 - Vosel Ston discovers the existence of Elves in Devertreath and gains their favor, officially opening communication between Humans and Elves.
  • C 412 - Humans begin to migrate out of Ashlowe and onto the mainland, being welcomed into the Council of Major Races.
  • C 418 - Vosel Ston passes away in his sleep.
  • C 637 - Lord Aimeri takes power in the first defined province - Almsmanor, founding the Order of the Blue Eye.

Second Age - The Age of Man

Approx. 4025 cycles

  • C 638 -
  • C 2341 - Burton Morris sets off on his adventure to become the first pirate lord.
  • C 4484 - Lady Vystria of Goldwyn born.
  • C 4529 -
  • C 4658 - Vystria takes power of Bellmere.
  • C 4662 - Bellmere splits into two halves, taking Almsmanor with it.

Third Age - The Age of Kings

Approx. 2988 cycles (ongoing)

  • C 4663 - The Almsmanor Civil War officially begins.
  • C 4670 - The Lesser Almsmen concoct a pact with Boromir, Daemon of Chaos, to place a curse on Vystria.
  • C 4720 - Unable to continue keeping her alive, The Blue Eye cease their healing magic, and Vystria dies while giving birth to Aldin, her successor.
  • C 4793 - Vystria's former council publicly announce her death and Aldin officially takes the throne.
  • C 7650 - The party is jailed for attempting to assassinate Aldin.

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