Members of this cult worship death itself, seeing it as a release from pain and something to be celebrated, spearheaded by a man named Pontiff Batiir. They view mourning as a respectful and lifelong process. On one day every 10 cycles, referred to as The Day of Death, they gather to collectively mourn every member who has died within the last 400 days. They also believe that when you die, you transcend the plane of mortals to become a god, watching over the Mourning and offering divine help in times of need. Most members are born into the cult, which has been a long-standing tradition within the families of the five Founders. Most of them had their children wed and breed with one another in an effort to keep the trust within a small selection of people. Many become hideously deformed as a result of the insane amount of inbreeding that occurred. Due to that same inbreeding, the cult is technically the largest standing family in all of Alimaea.

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