Only inhabitable by the bravest of men, this frozen land doesn't offer much in the way of resources. It's mainly comprised of close-knit groups of fishing villages on the southern half of the land, each with a few homes that forego comfort for warmth. In Glassacre, you don't have the luxury of picking and choosing your neighbors. You rely on them to survive, and as such, the people of Glassacre are very accepting of whoever comes their way, so long as they're useful.

Climate Classification

Eternal Winter

Capital City


Other Major Cities

  • none

Political Leaders

Average Population per Village (PPV)


Inhabiting Races

Topographical Features

One major river, Redtun, flows through the center of the province, though it remains mostly frozen year-long. The Dimview Mountains separate Glassacre from Dunsfeld, however there lies a trading post within the capital city. It resides in the largest pass through the mountain range and allows goods to travel to and from the many villages. However, business there wouldn't be called booming, on account of the secluded nature of Glassacre's people.

Major Historical Events

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