Alimaea is a continent in Base Realm which is comprised of ten Provinces, 49 Major Cities, nine Mountain Ranges, seven Major Lakes, and 16 Major Rivers. It's also home to eight Major Races, strewn across the almost 15 million square mile landmass and its islands.

Alimaea Map HD (Blank)


The ten provinces are, in order of greatest population:

  1. Almsmanor (a. Greater / b. Lesser)
  2. Wolfshore
  3. Moorhaven
  4. Mistlyn
  5. Devertreath
  6. Dunsfeld
  7. Havensmead
  8. Ashlowe
  9. Baarysbeck
  10. Glassacre

The land directly to the east of Lesser Almsmanor is referred to as Wanderland.

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